NSC-103, Section 51 - Introduction to Earth Science
Oakton Community College - Ray Hartstein Campus (Skokie, IL)
Instructor: W. Tong
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Lecture & Lab Schedules  (Part of Syllabus)  syll-S2K.htm <Click on link to go to the class schedule
1. Course Syllabus Spring 2000 Course Syllabus syll-S2K.htm includes course objectives, lecture and lab schedules, test and grading policies 
a. What Is Science?  What Is Science?  science.htm goals and objectives of science and earth science 
b. Homework Crosswords  Homework Assignments, Fall 1999  hwschf99.htm there are 10 assignments - copy the due dates on cover sheet to each homework 
c. Extra Credit Crossword  Scientific Method  scimethd.htm worth 20 extra points, due ???
Groundwater Crossword Clue gwclue.htm #13 Down (2 words)
2. Origins  Origins & Earliest History of the Earth  eartorig.htm from the Big Bang to the solar system 
3. Minerals  What Are Minerals?  minsumry.htm 5 criteria for qualifying as a mineral 
a. Economic minerals  Economic Geology - Mineral Resources  econgeol.htm summary of how minerals are used to support a technological society 
4. Rocks  Rock Vocabulary  rocvocab.htm terminology used to describe rocks 
a. Rocks Summary  Rock Talk  not yet available (hard copy only) summary of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks 
Lecture Exam 1 Review Review Questions for Lecture Exam 1  lecx1rev.htm essay style review questions 
5. Glaciers  Glaciers & Glaciation  glacial.htm summary of glaciers and ice ages 
6. Water  Water Supply of the World  watersup.htm distribution of earth's water 
Lecture Exam 2 Review Review Questions for Lecture Exam 2  lecx2rev.htm essay style review questions 
7. Volcanism  Volcanoes & Volcanism  volcano.htm summary of volcanic phenomena 
8. Earthquakes  Earthquakes & Abnormal Animal Behavior  not yet available
(hard copy only)
abnormal animal behavior prior to earthquakes is well-documented in China 
9. Plate Tectonics  From Continental Drift to Plate Tectonics  platetec.htm Wegener's continental drift, Holmes' sea floor spreading, paleomagnetism, etc. 
10. Earth History  Earth History & History of Science  Click here Visit the UC-Berkeley's "Web Geological Time Machine" site, at:
11. History of Life  Biological Evolution & History of Life  evlution.htm summary of basic concepts of fossils and the theory of evolution
12. Dinosaurs  Introduction To Dinosaurs  dinosaur.htm description of different dinosaur groups and the history of their study 
Lecture Exam 3 Review Review Questions for Lecture Exam 3  lecx3rev.htm essay style review questions 
13. Oceanography  Introduction To Oceanography  oceans.htm summary of the origins and benefits of Earth's oceans 
14. Weather  Outline of Weather  weather.htm summary of different elements of weather 
Lecture Exam 4 Review Review Questions for Lecture Exam 4  lecx4rev.htm essay style review questions 
15. Miscellaneous  Superman the Geologist  superman.htm a bit of geo-fantasy 
Global Warning globwarn.htm a poem about the politics behind scientific issues